Another Update

Ok, so, NYCC was fucking exhausting this time around. Didn’t help that it was the busiest con I’ve attended and I was fighting off a cold for at least the first 3 days. So unfortunately I’ve been dark on both this website and on my social media as a result of just being drained physically and mentally. However to make up for no new blogs the past two weeks I am going to release my next one page comic later today! So you have that to look forward to. 

Let me give you this quick update. NYCC was amazing and I networked like I’ve never networked before. I found an artist who is currently working on the first Princess Deb mini, and I met a couple of other artists I’m going to be working with in the next few months, as well as figuring out my next goals to hit in 2017.

The big goal right now is to be table-ing by the end of 2017 at a few of the smaller cons in NY state. I have two small anthology books planned out that I want to debut with. The first is an anthology of Princess Deb stories. I have most of them fully scripted and will be publishing them on my website before compiling them into a printed anthology. The second book will be a collection of my comedic comics, like the one pagers I have been publishing so far, as well as some longer works. Right now I would like to debut at one of the smaller cons upstate, specifically one near my hometown. I tend to view most of life as a long running tv series, and I feel like debuting in my hometown is thematically appropriate.

On top of that I want to produce my own sketch comedy show in NYC. I still help out with a friend’s variety show every so often at the PIT, but I want to do a show with more of my material in it, and put it up in front of some people. As much as I love writing, there will always be a warm place in my heart for performing on stage. Getting that instant feedback from the crowd, and feeding that energy they give you into the performance. Keep an eye out here for more information on that.

If I want to get all of this done, I need to start getting my but into gear. I’ve been slacking a bit since I came back from DragonCon, and now it’s time to kick it into gear. Time to turn my hat around and start working on being the best, like no one ever way. (Bum-Bum-Bah-Bum). If you want to help me out on this quest please donate to my patreon (link here), or if you are unable to donate please just send me a message telling me to write and that you’re looking forward to my next project. Check out my next page debuting later today, and I’ll talk to all of you next week!