The Week After

Disclaimer: This blog is about my reaction to the results of the United State's presidential election which occurred roughly one week before this was posted. If you are sick and tired of hearing about this then feel free to skip this blog and I will post something else next week. Also, I would like to note that this blog has not been edited and will most likely come off as unfocused and will most likely have typos. Thank you for bearing with me, and I will see you all next week.

Last week I had a blog all ready to go out last Wednesday talking about how I wasn’t participating in NaNoWriMo this year and my history with the writing event. It was light and quirky, and gave some more info on my writing process. Just the usual everyday fair that you have come to enjoy from this site of mine. Then Tuesday night happened, or more specifically the unexpected happened Tuesday night. We choose our new president, and the entire world seemed to change in an instant, and just posting a regular writing blog seemed extremely trivial at that moment in time.

As many of you probably know, I’m a pretty liberal guy. I was raised by two well educated democrats, I live in NYC, and I pride myself on being progressive and well informed. So of course like most liberals I cast my ballot and then went home to watch the election and just count down the minutes til Hillary was declared our next president since that is what all signs were pointing to at the time. Then as the night wore on, that went from a certainty, to determined confidence, to holding out hope, to utter despair when those last electoral votes went to Trump.

Throughout his campaign Trump has made me realize a lot of things about our country and the people in it. For one thing we are a lot more racist and sexist than I had previously thought. Qualifications are now seen as a negative when running for the highest jobs in our country. Though the most tragic to me was that we were not a people who trusted facts. Which is a concept I cannot wrap my brain around.

Of course within the following days people were coming out and giving their takes, every news anchor, or show host, and definitely everyone with a blog, so sorry to heap on the pile, but I feel like I need to do this for myself.

I watched Colbert’s opening monologue a few days after the election, and he talked about how we used to only think about government once every four years, and how we should go back to that instead of constantly hating the other side. Now while I agree with his appeal for unity, I don’t think I have ever disagreed with Mr. Colbert more vehemently in my life. It’s the fact that we have let this democracy go on autopilot for the past decade that we got into this mess.

Roughly 45% of eligible voters participated in this past election, and we haven’t broken 65%  turnout in my entire life. Everyone is always complaining about how much the government sucks when we are the people putting these assholes into power. That’s what a democracy is. We need to get off of our collective asses and hold these politicians feet to the flames.

On Friday I listened to a diatribe released by one of my favorite podcasts, and to paraphrase them, Trump will make America great again… in four years when he’s destroyed all the progress we have made in the past eight years, because we won’t allow something like this to happen again. We must work to be more informed, we must have these debates with each other. We can’t just shy away from these issue because conflict makes us uncomfortable. Conflict is what makes people strong, and we must have this dialogue and find out our common ground or we will only grow more and more divided. Speak up for what you believe in, and especially speak up to anyone who is trying to put you down.

We will get through this people, but only if we work together.

Thank you for reading this whole blog, and I will see you next week