Science First Science Fiction

I’ve been sitting on this subject since I saw the first episode of HBO’s new show Westworld, which if you haven’t heard is a science fiction series about an elaborate future theme park made to look like the “Old West”, and filled with dozens if not hundreds of androids to engage with and play out whatever western fantasy you choose. Of course all is not well in Westworld as the androids start to realize that their world is more than it seems, and start to break from their programing.

Granted in the 5 episodes I have seen so far, Westworld seems to be avoiding the trope I’m about to take issue with (which kind of cheapens the message of this blog, but bear with me). Yet since this show is based on an old movie written by the famous author Michael Crichton I am confident that we will eventually hit on the theme that we “should not play god”.

As a lover of sci-fi and a lover of science in general, I feel like our science fiction should be celebrating science and have heroes who save the day by out thinking and out sciencing the problems. So many of the science fiction classics are cautionary tales about what happens when you science too much. I’m so sick of these stories that view man’s eternal quest for progress as a negative thing. We need stories that show that we can do anything.

This is what I love about the original Star Trek, a show about our exploration into the unknown. Star Trek not only championed science, but also showed that there was nothing man could not do if they worked together, and then boldly go into the unknown next week as well.

One of my main goals as a writer is to put out more science positive stories into our world. We need to keep moving forward in the world of science, and we should not be afraid of what we may find. Sure it is dark out there, but if we don’t venture forth our sun will go out, and then everything we have ever done as a people will not matter.