Mission Statement

So here we are, at the start of my writing journey. I have my first website, all about me and my writing. I also have you, my (hopefully) loyal readers who will come read my blog posts about writing and life, and more importantly my comics. The first of which, if not already up, should be posted on this site shortly. With several more soon to follow.

I’m writing this first blog post as a mission statement, a way to actively define what I want and plan to do with this website. First of all, I hope this site will become the hub for the billion and one things I plan to write over the course of my career. I will be posting blogs about my writing, and posting comics here before collecting them in larger volumes to sell at conventions and (fingers crossed) to publishers. This will become my portfolio to sell my other writing, and hopefully (eventually) be able to live solely off my writing, which is every amateur writer’s dream.

Second, I want to use this website to build a fanbase. Partially to help fund my comic projects (there’s a link to my Patreon here), but more importantly to start showing my writing to the general public. I’ve shown my projects to a few of my close friends, but I want a professional (or at least professional-looking) place that will be the star of my writing “career”. I want people to start seeing me as a writer, not just a guy who writes.

Lastly, I want to put more accountability on my shoulders. There are too many nights for me, when I should be writing but instead binge watch Archer for the 16th time. (Seriously though, Archer is amazing, go watch it.) My hope is that by giving myself this weekly schedule to produce a short blog about my writing, if nothing else, will help me form a habit that will blossom into an addiction. So by starting off with a fairly small goal for myself, and working up to bigger goals like a weekly comic page (See Patreon for more details about that{Seriously please donate to my Patreon, artists are not cheap!!!}) I hope to gain a fanbase that will constantly hound me about new content if I ever slack off again.

So my mission is to put my work on display, grow a fanbase, and never have another moment of peace that isn’t filled with writing. Please join me on this journey, and most importantly please donate so I can share more of my comics with you! (Patreon)