Why I Want to be a Writer

Why do I want to be a writer? It’s a question every writer, or even every creative person must ask themselves. It’s a question that is asked several times over the course of a career. It’s even a question that I’ve already answered in a completely separate blog post on an old Wordpress blog I was writing on in college. But I think it’s a good thing to ask yourself repeatedly, and since I’m starting this new website, I wanted to answer this question again here.

Like most writers, or geeks in general, I spend a LOT of time thinking about stories. I’m always the guy amongst my friends who has to get told “it’s just a story” or some variation again and again when talking about the latest movies or tv shows. I’m the guy who brings up the idea that Pokemon could be viewed as glorified dog fighting, and asks what the best kind of Pokemon cuisine would be(the answer to that is Charmander kabobs by the way), because even if it is a whole world of vegetarians there has to be an Oddish salad or Bellsprout soup.

I also try to take the conversations about the last episode of a show and turn it into what the next episode or episodes are going to be about. It’s crazy what Cersei just did in Game of Thrones, but what is she going to do next? What are the endgames for all of these characters? I can’t watch a show and only appreciate each episode individually as it comes out. I’m chomping at the bit for what comes next, so I can see the whole story, and once I have the whole thing I need to go through it again and figure out how everything linked up. How do all of these events go together to make the well told story that we just watched?

Finally it’s not enough for me to know how a series worked as a whole. I’m compelled to ask myself one final question. How could I do this better? A great story is a great story, but nothing is perfect and there’s always one last plot detail that could have been tightened, one last plot thread tied in, or even how would I tell this story today. The story on the screen may be over, but the story in my head has just been born.

So to answer the question that started all of this madness. Why do I want to be a writer? Because I’m not sure how to do much else. I’m obsessed with story and its telling. Watching a movie or show doesn’t turn my brain off, it slams on the pedal and thrusts it into hyper drive. I want to be a writer because I can’t think of anything but stories, which I want to share with all of you. So thank you for coming to my site, and I hope you return in the future. Also a small donation wouldn’t hurt my process either