Princess Deb

The first comic I’m trying to get off the ground is called Princess Deb. This comic would focus on the crazed adventures of a young girl as she murders her way across a large epic fantasy world filled with monsters and mercenaries. When talking with artists, I normally pitch this series as Conan the Barbarian as an 8-year old girl.

The idea came to me when I was trying to pitch to an artist I met at NYCC: Special Edition a few years ago. The artist in question wanted to work on some sword and sorcery stories, and overheard me talking to another artist about an epic fantasy story I was working on as a novel. He came up to me, we talked, I saw his art, we exchanged emails, and I went home and thought long and hard about what comic story I could send him. In the penciled pages he showed me I noticed he had a real knack for drawing female characters. So I knew I want it to be centered around a heroine. Suddenly Princess Deb smashed her way into my head, wrecked an encampment of mercenaries, and screamed for more stories as the former mercenary captain braided her hair.

This was the first time a character has popped so fully formed into my creative headspace, I almost wasn’t ready for her. I refined the story, but she still hasn’t gone away. So every so often I’ll come up with a new situation to put her in, and like a freight train with pigtails she cleaves her way out of any situation. She’s pretty great.

Unfortunately the original artist’s schedule filled up faster than I could get him a script I was proud of. So now I have Deb rampaging in my head, making me come up with all of these great adventures for her. I have a few scripts in the bank, but I know that until the day I finally lay down my pen for good Deb will be kicking around my head, looking for another monster to kill or treasure to steal.

So if you would like to see this young girl’s incredible and bizarre adventures please support me here.