Fear the Blank Page

So originally I was going to write about my trip to DragonCon, the awesome time I had, the people I met, the awesome fez I bought (pic here), all the highlights, but as I sit here on Thursday night not even a full week out from the Con I find myself at a loss of words to really describe what I did there. I currently sit at my desk in my Harlem apartment, staring at the blank screen wondering where to start. Do I start with the highlights, go chronological, start with the cosplay then move to the panels? I don’t know. For several minutes now it has been me, the blank screen, and that constant, blinking, taunting cursor in the upper left hand corner. So instead of writing about the con, which apparently still needs some time to cement in my head, I’m going to talk about the blank page and that bastard cursor.

Every writer goes through it. We sit down to start our next project, or even just a small blog like this one. We’re excited and ready to start. We sit down, boot up our computer, open our word processor of choice, and then everything comes to a screeching halt. We know what we want to write about but at this exact moment all of our words have fled and we are left staring at white emptiness while our eyes deteriorate from looking at a screen too long.

I’ve heard a few different solutions to writer’s block, like walking away and coming back later in a different mood and mindset. Jump to another part of the book that you really know how to write and come back to the start later. Though my favorite and usually tried and true method is writing about the writers block. Just start typing that you can’t write and let the rest come from the stream of consciousness that will quickly begin to pour.

Many years ago I heard a term that has always stuck with me. “The hardest thing to do is to go from 0 to 1 miles per hour.” Some point out that this is the old Newtonian rule about objects at rest, but I think the miles per hour is a bit snazzier and more modern,. The hardest thing to do is just to start. That’s why so many of us just wallow in funks that we never get out of. It’s hard to start something new, to take that first step on the new journey because the distance to the goal is so far away. Yet if we don’t take that first step we can never take the second, or third, or fiftieth. Without those first steps, those first words, we can’t start moving to our eventual goals. Yes it will be hard, but the more you are moving toward your goal the harder it will be to stop you.

And just like that I’ve written my blog for the week, and just like that I’ve taken my next step in my writing career. That is how I view this website, my first step into the public writing space. My next step will be a comic that is longer than a page, then a short series, followed by a longer one. Each step getting me closer and closer to that goal of full time writer. So thank you again for joining me on this journey, and if you would like to help support my goals the Patreon is right here. (I’ll try to not mention that at the bottom of every blog, but the plug felt natural so I went with it.) Anyway, thanks again for coming here and reading it. I will see you the same time next week, possibly with my story about DragonCon, or maybe just some more nonsense like this. Come back then to find out.