[Please note that this Blog post was written last November]

So it’s currently 10 minutes before the con officially begin and I’m sitting at my table with nothing but 200 business cards and an iPad displaying my comics. By all intents and purposes I have failed to get ready for the con. And yes that is the word I am embracing for this first con of mine. Failure. I have failed to get the 3 comics I was working on ready in time for this show. I have failed to print out my anthology book. I have failed. But that’s a good thing.

One of the mottos I try to live by is “fail faster”. Embracing failure as a positive because it ultimately means that you have tried, and by trying learned. Fail, and fail as many times and as quickly as you possibly can. This time I learned to always over estimate how long it takes for comic book pages to come in. I definitely did not give myself enough time to put my books together for the show. I learned to print my books before buying a table. I learned that is incredibly hard to hear what a furry is saying through their “heads”. I also learned to not leave my display on the comic page about the elasticity of the penis because that is when the next person to approach you will be a little child.

Thankfully, buying a table so far out from the show lit a fire under my ass and made me go all out on several projects. I have an anthology comic laid out and ready to send to a printer, with a finished cover. I’m just under halfway through my first full length comic and a second not too far behind that. I don’t think I would be this far along if I didn’t take this leap in the first place.

On top of all this I’m just having an amazing time at the con in my home town. Saw some old friends, and wandered through some old places I hung out. This entire trip has been a great experience. This is easily the best failure of my career so far.