Apparently I'm Smart

So apparently I’m a pretty clever guy. That’s not just me blowing smoke either, recently I’ve had quite a few people tell me that I’m really smart, and not just my mom. They said I presented an argument they had never heard before, that I was able to help clarify someone else’s point in better words, or just that I made a good point. These remarks always surprise me in conversation, because if I had to honestly describe myself I’d probably say that I’m an idiot. Granted an idiot who listens to a lot of smart people and regurgitates their cleverness, but apparently that’s just called learning.

What’s that old saying? That smart people know how dumb they are, but the actually dumb think themselves geniuses. Maybe that’s my problem. It’s definitely why I barely update this blog anymore (an issue I will get to before the end of this post btw), I feel like everything I want to say has already been said by the smarter people I follow online. So why should I rehash what smarter folk have said already?

Then I was sitting in a bar with my best friend a few weeks ago. We had been bar hopping around the lower east side of Manhattan, and we were fairly deep in our cups. It was the point in our evening where we were drunk enough to lower our walls of our wit and banter and just be emotionally vulnerable with each other. He asked me why I didn’t update my blog anymore, and I told him it was because I didn’t know what to write about. I didn’t have any new or original ideas, and I didn’t want to waste time just copying others. Then he tells me I should have written about an argument I had made to him and another friend about how every generation thinks the ones younger than them are the worst, and that paperback novels were once looked at the same way tablets and social media are now. He had never heard about that before.

It was at that moment when something clicked. Just because I know X, doesn’t mean everyone knows X, and should I not use this not inexpensive platform to spread the word about X if I really find X particularly interesting and/or useful? People are coming here to read my thoughts on things, and very rarely do I not have thoughts on things. So what if random podcast expressed this idea better, or this other think piece article already addresses what’s bugging me about the world? Why shouldn’t I add my two cents to the giant pile of dirty pennies that is our internets?

So once again, I’m planting a flag in the ground and saying listen up world. I’m just as dumb as all these other smart people, but you’ve bothered to come here to hear my dumbness. So screw the idea of “it’s been said before/better/funnier”, it hasn’t been said by this silly dummy yet, and now I’m going to say it! Because I find these things smart, and I think more people need to know about them!